Enabling Governments and Industrials

E24P is a collective of specialist experts, technologists, business integration framework designers, and architects now working exclusively with select organizations on complex large-scale digital society and digital finance opportunities aimed at unlocking new levels of human potential and reshaping economies.


Technology equals change.

Disruptive technology is transforming the world around us, and our team is on the leading edge. We help governments and organizations look ahead and build digital systems that shape their future.


We build solutions. Not proof of concepts.



Focus is everything.

Too many technology projects are failing to deliver value. Clients are being misled by vendors or work with firms that cannot deliver production-ready solutions. Most proof-of-concepts waste time and money with no real business value to show.


We build software from start to finish.

Full lifecycle services

Education, Consulting & Advisory, Analysis & Design, Full Stack Software Development, Integration, Knowledge Transfer, Sustainability



proof of concepts!


Cloud, Web, Mobile, Blockchain, Trusted Computing, Self Sovereign Identities, Quantum, AI & Data Governance, Deployment Blueprints, Security, Scalability


Over 38 production deployments.

We've taken over 38 complex needs and turned them into functioning, production-level blockchain and AI based systems that enable government and industrial customers to truly take advantage of their data in a smarter way across a number of sectors, including:

  • Smart City

  • Smart Government

  • Smart Finance

  • Smart Supply Chain


Our most recent work.

On June 15, 2020, we announced a partnership with the IsDB in launching a blockchain-based credit enhancement platform to help banks across the IsDB's 57 member countries reduce credit default rates and optimize business operations.


Smart Credit

Management System

Enabling and accelerating distributed finance across the Muslim world


The truth matters.

Technology is complicated. Businesses can easily be misled. Decision-makers need information that they can understand, and that can be used to make informed choices, to drive growth whilst managing change and reducing costs.



Exclusive briefings for serious people.

Learn more; at your own pace, as deep as you need.

Hand-picked and curated information


  • Short, informative articles

  • Educational content

  • Whitepapers

  • Industry reports

  • Exclusive takes

  • Analysis pieces

60 mins with an expert on Zoom or BOT.IM


  • Learn what you need to know

  • In a private/personal setup — made easy — no tech jargon

  • Basic, intermediate, or expert

  • Directly with our leadership

  • Educational briefings + Q&A

  • An invitation to challenge us

VIP Events in Abu Dhabi October, November, December 2020


  • Exclusive briefings focused on executing business innovation

  • CEO, CIO CDO, CTO level

  • Learn about our world-leading Digital Civilization Platform

  • Learn about how to use blockchain for digital finance

  • Crypto investing for the serious

In-person briefing sessions in Abu Dhabi.

In Q4 of 2020, a series of invitation-only briefing sessions will be held to allow select individuals to hear from leading scholars from Oxford University and industry experts, to explain and discuss three core areas of E24P focus:

  • The world's first advanced nation-wide digital civilization platform – using smart data securely, at scale, whilst remaining compliant with all regulations.

  • Digital finance and insurance disruption using blockchain – trusted computing – and an easy-to-use mobile architecture, to reach the masses.

  • Investing in digital assets for high net worth individuals & family offices – why, what you need to know, and how.


Already present, right here in the UAE.

We landed in the United Arab Emirates a year ago and already have results to show — from countless successful events and briefing sessions to numerous public and private sector projects currently under development.



An open and engaged community is everything in software.

Our team has pioneered many of the leading open source projects over the past 25 years and has over 300 man years of collective contributions. Our latest open-source project was a revolutionary new hybrid blockchain protocol with support for SQL, developed in public on an open-source codebase.

Be the best you can be.

We believe that when the best people and organizations get together – magical things can happen for customers.


Explore the possibilities.

Accelerate your career or your business.


Work with and learn from the best.

  • Front and back end

  • Aergo & Ethereum

  • Data analytics

  • Open source

  • Cybersecurity & cryptography


Solve your clients' hardest problems.

  • ICV Integrators

  • Solution specialists

  • Government bodies

  • Regulators

  • Digital asset custodians



World-leading experts in their fields.


Phil Zamani

25 years experience

  • Tech in business visionary

  • New venture entrepreneurship

  • Strategic partnering & Bizdev

  • Cloud, data, security, mobile

  • Red Hat, VMWare, Deutsche Telekom, Blocko, Aergo


Adam Spiers

20 years experience

  • Open Source expert

  • Full stack architect

  • Blockchain engineer

  • Oxford University, Lehman Brothers, Novell, SUSE

Offices in Abu Dhabi, London, and Seoul.

A large global team spanning across the UAE, UK, and South Korea — bringing together some of the best global talents from around the world.


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